How To Choose And Buy High Quality Shutters For Your Home

If you are in need of window shutters for your home you may be amazed and confused by the dazzling array of diverse styles and materials available in the window shutter market today. There are so many new materials being introduced it may make you wonder what is best for your home but rest assured that high quality wood shutters are still the standard for your home's window shutters. There are a few other things you need to know before you begin shopping as well.

Basically there are two distinct styles of shutters that you really have to choose from. Traditional window shutters have very narrow shutter panels with louvers that are approximately 1-1/4 inches. These window shutters are also normally thicker in the front and more narrow in the rear resulting in a sort of wedge shape. The plantation style shutters are usually a little thicker and have larger louvers.

When it comes to the finish of your shutters you can choose them to be painted, stained or even have both. The majority of window shutter companies carry paint that is available in the same colors as stains so if you prefer paint you can still get a stained look. Stains really enhance the grain and color of wood and come in a diverse variety of tints from very light natural tones that barely stain the wood to darker ones that may be almost black. In any case these stains can only be used on real wood and shutters made of composite wood materials or synthetics cannot be stained.

Due to the variety of shutter materials and sizes the price of shutters will vary greatly and a lot of shutter manufacturers will calculate the price of window shutters on a square foot basis. Most of the time what you will see are prices calculated based upon the number of panels, the window size, finish and shutter style you have chosen.

The actual number of panels shown across the shutter depends upon the style of shutter as well as the width of the window. If you have chosen a traditional style window shutter you will use more panels across the window since these are more narrow than the plantation style shutters.

Individual companies vary in their suggestions for the amount of panels used on each window. For taller windows you may want to go with a two tiered window shutter unit that features two sets of shutters per window with one for the upper portion and one for the lower. This type of shutter unit is also referred to as double tier. What is great about this style of shutters is that each set can be opened separately so you can leave one section closed if you wish.


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